WHO WE ARE | culp


culp exists to put culture, people and data first in organisations. Our vision is to be recognized as a HR consulting partner that delivers business results and matures HR practices internationally,across diverse-cultures and technological disruptors.

culp is a HR consulting business that specialises in talent management, organisational development and HR technology. 

From strategy to implementation, our consulting services guarantee the employee experience is effective, high-performing, data-driven, sustainable and profitable. It’s not about fancy HR jargon or a check-box exercise, it’s about strategic talent management from pre-hire, to the employee lifecycle, to exit and alumni management that is aimed at positioning your business as an employer of choice. It’s about people, process and systems.  

At culp, our years of experience and solutions have been applied across diverse industries and sectors. culp consultants are specialists, not generalists and our expertise in embedding real change and project management brings to life an organisational culture that is driven by purpose, mastery and leadership.

We have learned and we have failed! We have experience in corporate HR and consulting. We have empathy and confidence and we are completely engrossed in what we do. Our experience and exposure has afforded us the opportunity to understand business strategy and how to align relevant people solutions. What we know for sure; is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” in our world and neither is there in yours. We are constantly challenged with dealing with people dynamics and businesses that are all at very different life stages and levels of maturity respectively. Our solutions are unique to you, ethical and people-based. 

The work we do is mainly project-based ranging from health checks and advisory services, to specific talent intervention, data analysis and complex technology optimization and integration projects. Most consulting time is spent onsite with you in your work environments; uncovering dynamics, solving HR problems, maturing HR practices and transforming organisational culture.