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Talent acquisition is more about branding and marketing than about recruitment. Many corporates want to save costs on expensive recruitment agencies and so the solution is to hire a recruiter internally. However, that does not solve the cost problem, it actually makes it worse!

culp’s talent acquisition services allow the business to strategize, plan, pool and focus on hiring the right talent, for the right role at the right time. Considering the talent supply and demand of your industry and effectively implementing people, process and systems to attract, engage, recruit and onboard your talent. Establishing efficient and effective recruitment operations that reduce costs but never at the expense of quality.

We dive deep into your entire recruitment operating model and design solutions for you to implement and mature into a world-class talent acquisition organisation. From improvements in where you advertise your vacancies, to proactive talent sourcing, training recruiters, EVP and talent attraction, recruitment systems and tools, to candidate experience, CRM, onboarding and much more.

Together with the culp talent index we benchmark your current state and measure maturity and progress. But if it is just recruitment you are after. Our partners, Talented Recruitment provide an excellent end-to-end recruitment service to satisfy your immediate needs.