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Talent acquisition is more about branding and marketing than about recruitment. Many corporates want to save costs on expensive recruitment agencies and so the solution is to hire a recruiter. However, that does not solve the cost problem, it actually makes it worse!

culp’s talent acquisition services allow the business to align and uplift the talent strategy to ensure that you are focusing on the right talent, for the right role at the right time. Considering the talent supply and demand of your industry and effectively implementing solutions to attract, engage and recruit your talent. Driving efficiency, effectiveness and reducing costs but never at the expense of quality.

We look at your entire recruitment operating model and recommend solutions for you to implement and mature into a functioning talent acquisition model. From improvements in where you advertise your vacancies, to proactively talent sourcing, EVP and talent attraction, recruitment systems, to candidate experience and CRM to onboarding. Together with the culp talent index benchmark we mature, train, optimize and implement a new way of working that positions you as an employer of choice. If you think it’s expensive to hire an employee into your business. Wait until you hire the wrong person into your business. With culp’s talent acquisition services, we help you avoid this problem. But if it is just recruitment you are after. culp does provide an end-to-end recruitment service to satisfy your immediate needs.

Do you need an EVP? The simple answer is YES! The EVP is the single most important “people deal” message between the employer and employee. It forms the foundation for the HR Strategy, Employee Engagement, Employer Branding, Internal Communications, Recruitment and alignment with the Corporate Brand. It is what HR uses to connect talent with the business and the business with talent.