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The concept of employee engagement is not something that is new in human capital practices. The focus has actually started to shift away from engagement now towards performance. But, without understanding what engages your employees, performance motivation and management becomes significantly harder. Yet, the research continues to prove that organisations that concentrate on better understanding their people, deliver better results. 

It’s simple really, just create “The Simply Irresistible Organisation®” as discovered by Bersin by Deloitte (2017). Easier said than done! And I’m sure you have a limited budget or no budget at all? That’s where culp comes in. 

culp’s employee engagement services help you to create a workplace that fosters innovation, creativity, curiosity and collaboration. Through our tested processes, we uncover exactly what that workplace looks like for your organisation and recommend solutions that lead the change process and make business sense. 

Our process is highly consultative and inclusive, transparent (to some degree), and our consultants are skilled facilitators and influencers in uncovering the underlying dynamics that truly disengage employees and result in organisations losing millions every day, every month and every year. 

Once we know exactly what these dynamics and factors are we can start the process of bringing to life your culture and values. The solutions we design and implement are targeted at eliminating any barriers and converting disengaged employees into engaged employees.  We measure our impact on your culture over a timeframe, backed by data and organisational psychology methodologies and principles. 

The buzzword is culture. The starting point is employee engagement.