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Leaders are really starting to see the power and impact of an engaged workforce. There is no wonder why this concept of employee engagement has become the top item around the boardroom table.

It’s simple really, an engaged employee is a productive employee and a productive employee drives profit. Realising the potential of employees and creating a safe environment for innovation, creativity and curiosity is competitive advantage. But what engages your employees? Or in other words, what do your employees want?

culp’s employee engagement services uncover just that. But more so, it is also critically important to implement solutions that make business sense. culp custom designs and implements all employee surveys and then through an organizational development process uncovers relevant solutions and interventions for implementation. We can at this point step out should you wish to implement the solutions with your team. However, culp’s services can also do the implementation piece for you too. Once we know what it is that will engage and motivate your employees. The solutions we implement are focused on improving engagement levels of employees over a timeframe, backed by data and industrial psychology methodologies and principles.

Embedding the DNA into the organization and transforming organisational culture starts with employee engagement. It seems easy but who likes being told what values they have to live and work by. No one! But with culp, we bring to life organisational culture and embed your values into the business.