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How organisation’s go about developing their employees is a complex and unique approach that impacts the bottom line. The cost can get out of control and have zero impact on the bottom line if organisations don’t analyse their L&D approach and make some changes quickly to accelerate and mature organisational capability.

In the past, training departments have been relatively sporadic and with little strategy towards improving performance excellence, ROI and profit. culp’s expertise in the L&D specialisation is at a strategic advisory level. We do not research curricula or provide development courses with suppliers or instructional designers. What we do is define and implement the fundamentals to effectively mature your L&D model and approach. Our recommendations create clarity for the organisation, for teams and employees to understand exactly what and where mastery is needed. Effectively incorporating a competency framework into talent management practices.

In doing so culp crafts a culture of learning in a world where information is freely available to (mostly) everyone and it’s on-demand. culp’s career pathway design process positions management as the subject matter experts and HR as the business partner, with specialist organisational development interventions to personalize a relevant learning assessment and experience; and critically aligns to transformation, EE and BBBEE plans (in South Africa only).  

Stop mindless training budget allocation. Be strategic and intentional in defining your L&D maturity journey and the results will come. A happier, competent, driven and productive workforce. Ka-ching!

*please note culp does not establish curricula or provide development courses