culp is a talent and culture solutions consultancy that assesses,
advises and project manages solutions that solve HR problems in talent
acquisition, engagement and retention.


“seriously, we solve recruitment, culture and retention problems”

Kyle Black, Founder & Director, culp

"The #1 priority on most CEO desks these days is people."

How a business goes about attracting, recruiting and retaining talent to lift the average of the company culture, will determine whether a business survives in today’s extremely competitive and disruptive world.

  • How do you compete for the best talent and the right people?
  • How do you benchmark your current recruitment operations?
  • How do you become a specialist in talent acquisition and employer branding?
  • How do you (..or do you?) strategically sourcing talent?
  • How do you engage your employees to drive company culture and values?
  • After all the hard work above, how do you retain your talent?
  • What do you measure? If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
  • Do you know what you need to do to start the journey?

Most companies are screaming out for change but don’t know where to start.

culp fills that gap.

Take control and champion real change and transformation. Start your journey with culp, get your culp talent index and report today to benchmark your journey effectively 


culp stands for culture and people.

You can’t have a culture without people and you can’t have people without a culture. We are talent and culture advisors; we are recruiters; we are transformational-journey designers (strategists); we are partners (never a threat); we are implementers and we are branders, relationship builders and marketers.

We are talent, culture and sales solution specialists.

You win!


To lead a global acceleration in unique and influential talent and culture solutions


To connect HR and marketing to significantly improve employer brand perceptions, talent brand relationships and culture marketing.



To our customers, to our platform and to our people


Committed to delivering influential talent solutions, committed to relationship and customer service, committed to our core values


Passionate about our work, passionate about our culture, passionate about our vision


culp is a modern HR consultancy focused on connecting hr and marketing.

Our goal is to partner with and empower companies to drive business value and meaning through their hiring and culp.

We uncover HR’s superpowers…

Companies simply cannot survive with a traditional recruitment strategy. Your talent is savvier than ever; they research your business, your culture, your people, your products and services and your competition before they even consider you as an employer of choice. 

They expect an experience and a relationship and culp will help you build both because your future depends on it.

culp is a verb that understands how critical it is to hire the right talent and the right people, for the right role, at the right time. Our offering is simple ~ drive your business strategy through effective, efficient and measurable talent and culture solutions. This all starts and ends with your culp

This is what we do…


Talent Solutions

We can advise you at any stage of your talent acquisition, recruitment lifecycle and candidate experience. Consulting at it’s very best.

Culture Solutions

Understanding and communicating your employee value proposition (EVP) and employer brand messaging to your current employees and talent audiences.

Sales Solutions

Transforming sales activity and output that drives greater revenue, and a trackable modern customer digital and social experience.


You don’t know what you don’t know; and sometimes it’s just easier to chat to someone to figure out what works for you.

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