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culp exists to put culture, people and data first in organisations.

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Every quarter culp does something awesome to encourage the maturity of HR in South Africa; and add value to our industry.

So… here it is. This 1st quarter of 2020 we are offering a 50% discount (yes, that’s right!) on a Recruitment Health Check to Cape Town based organisation’s. That’s a massive R21,250 saving! Terms and Conditions apply.

Strategic Partners

We practice what we preach and partner with the best. culp is proud of our partnership with consulting industrial psychologist, PeopleSense.

“Kyle adopts a client-centric approach when optimizing their organisations rather than selling off-the-shelf solutions. He works from within the organisation out, ensuring that a thorough diagnosis of the status quo is achieved before recommending change pathways for organisational effectiveness. His action-research approach to managing change creates an opportunity for both action and reflection, this enables a dynamic solutions perspective to change. PeopleSense particularly values Kyle’s skills in managing the ‘mechanics’ of change while maintaining an awareness of the people ‘dynamics’ throughout the process. An exceptional relationship builder, straight talker, project manager and solutions implementer, Kyle provides sound objective talent and culture optimisation. PeopleSense is proud of our partnership with culp and supporting him in managing the complexities of people dynamics associated with change.”

Sometimes all you need is to recruit the right talent, into the right role, at the right time, that will uplift your culture. There is no one better than the Talented Recruitment team.

“Talented Recruitment has had the pleasure of working alongside culp for 2 years now and we cannot praise Kyle enough. His enthusiasm and love for the HR industry is like no other. Kyle is a fountain of HR knowledge, and very direct and professional in his approach. Kyle always ensures that each vacancy and company are both understood from the bottom up in order to ensure that not only the right skill is sourced but that the skilled individual is a culture fit to the business. Talented is honored to be in partnership with culp as we work together to ensure that each unique recruitment need is met for our clients.”