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After all the hard work (the cost, time and effort) invested in hiring, engaging and developing your talent, closing the loop with an effective talent retention strategy is critical. culp’s talent retention services look at the concept of “the total rewards package”. We assess your current retention strategy by reviewing your current compensation package; from financial rewards to non-financial rewards and recognition.

Humans by nature just want to feel appreciated and respected. Organisations have every opportunity to create a work environment that satisfies employee intrinsic and extrinsic motivators (the neuroscience) of engagement to retain top talent; that is affordable for the business. The question that begs is, how strong is the relationship between finance and HR? HR departments of the archaic age were built around payroll departments in an employer-driven market. Surprisingly, these types of HR structures still exist today. For the first time in history, there are 4-different generations working side-by-side and the needs of a baby-boomer are very different to that of a millennial. Employers need to provide for both to remain competitive.

culp’s talent retention services are SMART, easy to implement and effective in driving competitive advantage and positioning the organisation as an employer of choice.